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We’re the company Cakedecor, S.L. A Spanish company located in Barcelona for more than 25 years ago. Under our brand ARTIPAS, we market products and tools for decorating cakes.

We’re backed by the long experience of our team, but we introduce ourselves to you today with the illusion of a beginner.

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Here you will see a summary of our products.
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Imagination free rein

We give “cake decorating” lovers a large variety of tools and solutions so that your only limit is your imagination.

Food colours
To give colour to your creations

There is a colour for every creation, so find the one that suits you best.

Decorative accessories
To finish off your creations

The full range of accessories from Artipas will allow you to finish off your creations in a simple and original way. Try them!

Edible decorations
Sugar and Wafer

You will find a large selection of decorative products made in wafer and sugar. We can personalize flowers and figures using your own design!

Close your eyes and make a wish

Any kind of candles you can think. Funny, magical characters and numbers… We hope that you find what you are looking for!

To make your work easier

You will find a wide range of tools that will make your work easier and more efficient. We hope that you find what you are looking for!

Significant days

We also produce a complete range of products that will give a special elegance to your work for any special day.

Plastic decorations
Amusing decorations

How can I decorate a cake quickly, easily and amazing? Use them!!

The most important moments of the year

Products especially thought of to celebrate the most important moments of the year; Valentine ‘s Day, Easter, Halloween, Christmas and New Year.

Specially designed for retailing

A wide range of products specially designed for retailing. This is a growing market in our industry, so we hope you find it helpful!


We want to remind you some new products that should not be missed; take a look!

Custom wafer plaques

You can choose a standard product like these wafer tags for example. Send us your design and the text in the language that you want and we will make it for you!

F.C. Barcelona Candles

All the licensed characters can be sold in Europe and Middle East. For other countries please consult us at: sales@artipas.com


Pages and pages full of products. Any information you need about our products is here. Download it now!

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Here are some ideas to add to the talent of Cake Designers. The result can be amazing!

(Note these ideas are in Spanish or Catalan language)

This video is part of a show on the Spanish television and recorded in the Artipas’s pastry school. (Language: Spanish)